Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Bastard Children of God 2

 Satan and his agents take advantage of the situation –
So they were scattered because there was no shepherd, and when they were scattered they became food for all wild animals. My sheep wandered over all the mountains and on every high hill. They were scattered over the whole earth, and no one searched or looked for them Ezek. 34:5-6
No scripture described in a better dramatic picture the present state of many new converts across Africa. Churches are springing up in every nook and cranny with no message of relevance for seekers of Christ. These new converts do not have any background knowledge of the bible. Some of them came from idol worshiping background. They are very sincere and eager to serve the God they have so soon discovered. Occult men, Voodoo priests, witchdoctors and Indian magicians who parade themselves as pastors lurk on them and draw them into their net.
Gory tales abound of what happen to people who visit some churches. I was in one such church in Douala, Cameroon and observed them using something I thought was the normal olive oil. I was soon to learn that some Hausa juju priests sell them. Some buy from mystic shops and there are those who visit shrines hidden in the jungle to get theirs. These satanic potions aided the “prophet” to get manifestations and assistance of the evil spirits they work with.
It is needful to point out that there are young men who sense the call of God in their lives and sincerely want to be used by God the way he sees on TV but do not know how to get the spiritual powers they desire. Some of them visit people they believe have been in ministry for a longer time for help. These innocent but ignorant servants of God are initiated into Satanism by the false prophets. So in an average prophetic church in Africa you will observe on the pastor’s table and/or on the altar different kinds of labeled bottles of oil. It is not the question of why they should sell the vehicle of God’s power but that these different kinds of oil are actually gotten from satan. They have power in some cases to place whomever it touches under spell to do whatever the prophet demands. Responsible family women have been heard having sex with “street dog” called a prophet; young men have been heard get into homosexual practices with some prophets; we have heard of people who handed over their car keys and emptied their bank account because the prophet asked them to. Marriages get broken and destinies get corrupted.
Why does this concern us?
When people go through these kind of things and manage to escape they swear never to enter a church again. Remember that I mentioned earlier that some so-called missionaries from Nigeria are involved in these evil practices. So it implies that the hearts of the people are closed against the very people that God sent to help them. In many of the churches I ministered in Africa it takes days to make the people open their hearts because of past experiences.
These contribute to great degree the reason we have not been able to have our conferences in some cities. In some places they are doubtful of our sincerity. In other places the agents of satan have gotten a stronghold like the case of Apostle Paul and Bar-Jesus (Acts 13:6-9. They do everything to see that the people will not see the light of the true gospel.
 Genuine servants are getting frustrated out of the Kingdom work.
To be honest with you, PNUR is under great pressure at this point.
That is why we call on you to get involved in this fight
(To be continued)
Emma your brother @PNUR

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