Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Bastard Children of God 3

Bastard Children of God 3
Pro-active efforts needed
Like never before are the words of Jesus more true than this – The Harvest is plentiful but laborers are few.
The more serious problem is that if we do nothing the labors of others maybe in vain. I am calling for help from all believers so that on-the-ground-force can come into place and join in the battle. It is normal that after air bombardment by the air force that the army will move in with land force. The TV ministries have done the bombardment, it is now time for on the ground force to move in with training and discipleship programs. The kind of thing I see here is that if we take advantage of this season, more and more souls will be established in the Kingdom
Five steps we can take
1.      We must see this as urgent need. All hands must be on deck. Haven read thus far, some people will simply shrug and continue what they were doing, others will see it as wonderful write-up and do nothing about it. But our prayer is that this will give any genuine child of God sleepless night. Our prayer is that somebody will call and demand more information as to what can be done.
2.      We need partnership with Christian organizations and individuals who have faced this kind of challenges in other continents and have what it takes to handle them. We need travel ministers who have skills in handling such situations. Sorry to say that some travel ministers from America and Europe will do much good if they stay back and send us the money.  This is no time for sightseeing trips.
3.      Aggressive enlightenment through Radio, TV, tracts and other Christian literature. I invite those who have audio messages and teachings which we can publish on air to send them. Some Christian organizations make the mistake of airing their teaching only through Christian Radio and TV stations. I call it mistake because they fail to understand that most Christian Radio Stations are only listened to by members of that organization. We need to reach out across to everybody else
4.      We need crusade equipment to go open air. For more than fifteen years now PNUR have not organized crusade. We have begun to see the need to ignore the churches and their leaders and to move out to open places. We need projectors, Electricity generating plants,  drum sets, Amplifiers and every other thing that make up crusade equipment
5.      We need purposeful Spirit driven intercession in this regard

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