Sunday, July 16, 2017

Twelve Things You Must Know about Demons (Evil spirits)

Twelve Things You Must Know about Demons (Evil spirits)

1. Demons will not leave you alone just because you live a holy life
2. Demons are on a definite assignment to make your life miserable, so there is really no good demon
3. The bible never asked us to pray about demons but to cast them out
4. Most demons will not leave you after a short prayer; you must be persistent and insistent for you to be delivered from demons
5. You don’t need great power or great anointing to cast them out. Your victory over demons is simply through the power and authority in the name of Jesus Christ. They would rather deceive you to believe in your fasting, prayer, holy life, holy water, holy soap, your pastor’s handkerchief and all what not.
6. When you are succeeding with destroying demon control, they will almost always play a game on your mind by telling you that you are wasting your time.
7. Fasting in its right place will help your spiritual muscle as you contend with evil spirits
8. The worst decision you can make with regards to satan and his agents is to say, “I am tired”
9. You are likely to need the assistant of another believer as you deal with demons in your personal life
10. You can cast out demons from anybody who willing opens himself to deliverance. Don’t waste your time on somebody who is still investigating your ministry because you will not succeed with him. Two must agree before you can walk together.
11. Once demons leave you, most diseases and depression will leave too because they are often caused by demons
12. It is God’s will that you be free from demonic oppression. Settle this in your heart as you seek deliverance through your personal prayers or from other children of God

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