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Book Review - Challenges Associated With Family Tree and How...

Frequently Asked Questions in Relation to Family Liberation
1. How if I am the only believer in the family, how do I go about liberating the family?
The most you can do in that case is continue to pray that God will draw your people to see their need for deliverance. If you are the oldest member of the family or kindred, you can exercise a level of authority over the family. Your position authorizes you to represent them before God. So you can do something close to liberation while representing the family. It is the same condition when elders pour libation on behalf of the entire family. But it will be more wonderful that there is a gathering
2. Must all the members of the family gather for the liberation?
Not necessarily. Some who live very far away may not be able to come but we need their consent. The very important person is the head of the family. If it is a community liberation, each represented family should provide a representative. Yet, it is a great privilege if all members are able to gather. It is a sign of seriousness.
3. How about a situation where all the family members live in the city, can it be done in the city?
It is not even healthy when all family members live in the city and don’t visit their home town. In a case there is crisis in the village, something like war or communal crisis, it should be seen as an exception. But if the family have migrated to another place, then their present base should be seen as their home. It is right to mention at this point that it is stupid and ignorant for a family to desert their home town because of demons and witchcraft. That is more reason why you should go there. For as long as your root is under bondage, you are not free.
4. Some deliverance ministers ask people to go and bring sand from the village; how do you see that?
If that is what the Holy Spirit asked him to do, I don’t have quarrel about that. But I should think that land liberation is part of conquering of territories for Christ. When you liberate the land, you free the people living there to serve God. There may be altars in the home town to pull down and the land has to be addressed. There may also be one or two persons who may come to Christ if it is done in the village. I am sorry to say that my generation is a selfish one. People generally are concerned about their own wellbeing. So when you talk about what may profit others, they see it as strange and waste of time.
Nevertheless, if the reason you are packing sand is because you are unable to provide means of transport for the deliverance team and family members, I leave you with the Holy Spirit to guide.
5. As a married woman, should I be part of family liberation in my father’s house?
It is optional and you have to get your husband’s permission. When we build family tree in the School for Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare, women have often raised this question. There may be issues in your husband’s house which have to be resolved by joining in prayers there in your father’s house.
6. Apostle Paul condemned the discussion of genealogy; why worry about them?
So that you may command certain men not to teach false doctrines any longer nor to devote themselves to myths and endless genealogies. These promote controversies rather than God's work — which is by faith. The goal of this command is love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith 1 Tim 1:3-5 NIV
I don’t believe that the Apostle Paul was actually focused on the family tree here. I rather see it that he was discussing people who have gone overboard in proving how rightly they are connected to Jewish roots. Apostle Paul in several places mentioned his genealogical lineage.
7. How do you see going to pray at the grave of our ancestors?
Well, it depends on what you are looking for there. Your ancestors are no longer there, only dry bones. Let me warn that mystics parading as servants of God are bringing several occult practices in to the church system. Anybody asking you to go the grave or ask ancestors for any kind of help is Satanist
8. What relationship is there between immersion baptism and land liberation? I ask because you teach that the people seeking deliverance and liberation should be placed on solid spiritual grounds
You will have to read my book on baptism, captioned, “Doctrine on Baptisms”. I like to state here that it is useless trying to carry out deliverance on someone who refuses to be a Christian. The word Christian simply means someone following after Christ and we know that Christ submitted Himself to be baptized as a full grown mam. He said that those who believe in Him should be baptized. More than that, baptism is deliverance from our Adamic roots. Read the rest from the book
9. We have had land liberation but saw no difference; should we have another?
If you read this book properly, you can see that land or family liberation is a covenant breaking process. If it was done properly, there would be no need to do it again. In fact, there can be no place to repeat it. But if you observe it was not done properly you may go ahead and repeat it. Against that, you can have family or community prayer as often as you want. The date chosen for memorial festival for the family can still serve to remind God of your new covenant with him

Excerpt from my book, Challenges Associated With Family Tree and How..

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