Sunday, October 16, 2016

While You Wait for the Promise Book Review 4

Abraham came to that city because of what God had told him; he had a mental picture of what he was looking for. So when he came to the region of the promises he refused to accept anything less than the original thing. He was not going to accept anything in the place of what he knew was God’s perfect will. There were wonderful cities he would have moved into and relaxed, but I believe he was afraid that accepting some other thing could give him a false comfort that could make him lose focus. He rather chose to dwell in tents. I wish that my reader should note that there were established cities then but for the sake of gaining the original, he ignored everything else.
This goes to many believers who are looking up to God for the fulfillment of His promises. It could be ministry; can you remember specifically what God promised you? Then take no alternative. It could be marriage; perhaps you are getting on in years. Don’t get married to an unbeliever. Hold to the vision God has given to you. It could be fruit of the womb; I have nothing against adopting a baby. But hold to the vision. It could be a level of financial enlargement; hold to the vision. Don’t go to a place that is not where God asked you to.

It is a hard decision but for a man who has heard from God, keep the vision. Hold on to the Lord’s word to you. It is needful to state that keeping focused will not be easy. Even father Abraham lost his focus more than once. When he came to the Promised Land, he discovered that there were other occupants. God did not immediately drive them out but repeated His promise to Abraham to give him that land. And then to make things worse, there was famine in the land. The Promised Land was in a bad shape. This is the point when keeping the focus is very difficult. I believe that Abraham sat down to think it over and then took the wisest decision in his own mind. He migrated to a stable economy. Many people in Africa have left for Europe and USA. Their idea was to find greener pastures.

Every new phase has it challenges. All Abraham could see was the flourishing economy of Egypt. He did not see the threat to his life and marriage until he entered the territory of Egypt. He had to think of a quick way out but that way out was the way of sin and abomination. I know many of my country men who ventured into the stable economy of Europe and America, whose marriages and Christian testimony were ruined. Some of them, like a colleague in the printing industry had to close down a flourishing business when they won the American visa lottery. Today not only his business but his marriage is ruined. His wife has followed another man. I don’t know about his children.

Excerpt from new book, "While You wait...

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