Tuesday, May 10, 2016

PNUR Day of Answer Prayer

                     PNUR Day of Answer Prayer

Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear
Isa 59:1NIV

His Arm is not too Short-------

It may maybe that you are situated in distant land without phone or electricity as a missionary and you are praying for your family in the heart of modern civilization.

It maybe that you are an intercessor praying for souls in what we know as “iron gate areas”

It maybe that you are a business man calling upon the Lord to touch the heart of your debtors

It maybe your son, daughter, husband or wife has been captured by satan through addiction to drugs and today you are calling on the Lord to save them

It maybe that your matter is to be discussed in areas you can’t reach and you wish that somebody should put in some word in your favor-

The arm of the Lord knows no limit as we mortal men have.

Type an AMEN to seal your prayer answer

His Ear is not too Dull---

Maybe you are reading this from a sick bed and in a condition you can’t pray out loud. Pray from within your heart because His ear is not dull

Maybe you are in a no noise zone and wish you can raise your voice to bind the demons harassing your mind. Pray any way because His ear is not dull

For that fetus in the womb struggling for her life; the mother may not know the 
problem but His ear is not dull.

For the prisoner in a faraway dungeon in those Arab nations who can only murmur prayers, we claim prayer answers for them

For the one whose live hangs on an oxygen plant, we dare to believe with you.
God’s ear is not dull to hear.

Join me by typing a bold Amen for a general prayer answer.

All promises of God through Christ Jesus have, Yes and Amen as divine answer