Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Matters Arising from the PNUR Retreat

Matters Arising from the Retreat: Let’s make it clear
We thank God for the success of our General Retreat this year. As we look forward to the central International Prayer and Revival Conference coming up 25-29 August 2014 there are matters arising from the General Retreat which we ought to make very clear.
It was observed that most PNUR partners did not know the difference between the meeting in April and that of August. Again because of the recent growth and spread of the ministry across the globe, most partners have not really had opportunity to ask questions. Most time times we have asked people to visit our website, few have done so, yet fewer have taken time to study it. The result is most partners do not know the difference between PNUR and other ministries. Some tend to put us under pressure to do what other ministries are doing. In as much as we appreciate these other ministries, it is necessary that we keep within the confines of our assignment, to avoid unnecessary duplication of functions. Yet, in some cases, PNUR is not ready just now for some duties which God may have for us; if we rush into it, we shall discover our inadequacies in a sad way. That is why I feel the need, to let all my wonderful partners have a better understanding of PNUR.
1.  PNUR is not a Christian organization. This point is clear to almost all the partners.
2.  PNUR does not wish to be controlled by any denomination: In this we have problem; because we use church auditoria for meetings, some local church pastors have hijacked our prayer meetings, imposed themselves on the partners insisting on saying how things go. Some have instead of allowing us to run our meetings our way, insisted that we should go their own way. Even, some partners have advised that let them have their way so we can have a large turnout. This will frustrate the original purpose of PNUR
3.  PNUR President, Emma N J Nwosu, as a minister of the gospel can minister anywhere, but would not want to preach in meetings that undermine the PNUR vision. Hence have politely turned down some invitation. This should not be misunderstood as pride.
Our Ministry Program.
1.  Set Apart Prayer Retreat: This is only for prayer warriors and those who want to join. It is intensive prayers; pregnant women or nursing mothers are not welcome. In this program, we arrive at venue in the night, and carry on prayers for 48 hours with fasting, resting only on interval of one hour thirty minutes. This is where we train our workers.
2.  Just Prayer and Revival Retreat: this is the one we hold on the week immediately after Easter. Anybody who can fast from six in the morning to six in the evening is welcome. In this we have often made a mistake; this meeting is for PNUR partners and those who wish to belong. We provide free feeding and accommodation for all delegates. From 2015 it shall be zoned and the zonal coordinators will publish venues and date soon.
3.  International Prayer and Revival Conferences: These are non-denominational prayer and revival conferences we host from city to city across Nigeria and some parts of Africa. The President is the main speaker alongside other PNUR partners. We have had ugly experiences where we brought in some guest speaker who says or does something, that in our judgment is not in agreement with the Word of God. This is has been saddening, especially when some people in that meeting may be attending PNUR meeting for the first time. We therefore concluded in the recent retreat that we will not accommodate guests speakers in our meetings that are not cleared from the headquarters. We liaise with Christian organizations like Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Nigeria Missionaries Association- most time outside Nigeria- etc. we print the posters, fliers and flex banners when we are breaking new grounds. Coordinators and partners stand up to support in areas we have members and partners. This is a conference; we are not responsible for the feeding and accommodation of the delegates. Partners can extend hospitality to others, but this should not be seen as the rule. Most times we have a special morning session for Pastors and church workers, and a general evening session.
4.  Central International Prayer and Revival Conference: We hold this in Port Harcourt- Nigeria last week of August each year. Because Port Harcourt is the Headquarter of PNUR, we see it fit to arrange for the feeding and accommodation of partners coming in from distant places. This hospitality is planned only for those from afar and most times for the first day of arrival of delegates. We do not feed everybody all through the conference; hence, we arrange for food vendors within the premises of the conference venue.
5.  Crusades : Many partners have been agitating for open air meetings, general called crusades. We have been reluctant about owing to the challenges associated with such meetings. Light, public address system, movement of chairs and canopies, follow-up arrangement etc. Crusades cost more and the pressure is greater. Any coordinator who is considering crusades should consider these too. Even meeting calls for prayers, but crusades demand more. We suggest that for now, let us remain with the Retreats and Conferences.
High-light of Retreat- Board of Governors
Before this time, we have had people who we address of board of governors. Most of them have not been active and rarely show-up in our meetings. We thank God who has phased out this kind and brought in more responsible leadership. Here are names of those who volunteered to work in this capacity. I mean that the President did not appoint them or persuade them to accept this responsibility.
Eldad Ifechukwu (Onitsha- Annambra State), Moses Ranti Adejare (Lagos), Enoch Ikoghuya (Ughelli- Delta State), Angelica Nwokocha (Calabar- Cross Rivers State), Mercy Stephens (Yola- Adamawa State), Praise John (Yola- Adamawa State), Joy Emmanuel (Port Harcourt), Essien U Umoh (Port Harcourt). One more name is not mentioned because he was not present at the meeting. Even though he is committed and will most likely gladly accept, we want to be sure everybody in this list is in it by personal choice.
I wish thank all of you for standing by my side for all these years. As continue to trust God, we shall cover more grounds.
Emma your brother at PNUR

Monday, April 21, 2014

15th Wedding Anniversary

I want to thank God for his wonderful gift in the person of my wife, Joy.
Our wedding will be fifteen years by the 24th of April, 2014.
We are still serving God together and still love each other more than ever before.
There have been challenges and there are yet some presently,but glory to God, we are on top of every situation. With four wonderful children, who have remained a blessing, we give all thanks and praise to God.

Emma and Joy say "Praise!"