Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sexually transmitted demons(STDs)


16 Do you not know that he who unites himself with a prostitute is one with her in body? For it is said, "The two will become one flesh."   1Cor 6:16 NIV
The above scripture gives us much to ponder about. It tells us that sex is not just a harmless pass-time. Doctors tell us that when a man has sex with a woman there is an exchange of blood; this may result in pregnancy, but that it did not result in pregnancy does not make it any less different. In the case of pregnancy we see that the baby is a product ot the genes of both parents. That is that both parents came together in the baby.
We also know from the doctors that there is what is called sexually-transmitted-diseases(STDs). These are diseases that are transmittable through sexual intercourse. Not every disease is in this category. Some examples are, gonorrhea, staphylococcus, HIV/AIDS, just to mention a few. Other diseases and sicknesses are not transmittable through sex.
In this study we see Apostle Paul telling us that sexual intercourse may result in the partners becoming one- in the sense that they exchange what they have in them. I have seen women who confessed that they gain control over any man who has sex with them so that the man did whatever they wanted. They do this by simply tying  enchanted beads to their waist at the time of making sex.
Some men who go for ritual say that merely having sex with a woman allows them to use the woman for ritual. In as much as this is serious, the scripture above brings us to an important issue. It says that if a decent man has sex with a prostitute or a woman of loose character, he receives from her the spirit of a prostitute. Just as natural transfer of diseases take place during sexual intercourse, so are demons transferred through sex. If we consider that if a man who contracts  gonorrhea will pass it to his wife, and if she is pregnant, it is also transferred to the unborn baby; so demons can be transferred to spouses and unborn children. At times, some parents wonder why their son or daughter is behaving strange, this could be due to demons contracted through extra-marital sex. When the spirit of prostitution comes, it brings in the world of the prostitute.
Some examples of STDs-
1.   Prostitution.
2.   Lust
3.   Drunkenness
4.   Rebellion
5.   Stealing
6.   Infidelity
7.   Greed
8.   Generational curses
9.   Suicide
10.                Lying
11.                Hypocrisy
12.                Control
13.                Spirit marriage (spirit husband/wife)
14.                Frustration
15.                Defilement (Lev 18:20) or uncleanness or impurity.

Remember that demons open door to demons. In a deliverance session we often notice that many demons begin to manifest after you cast out the first demon.    MORE STUDY WILL HELP YOU

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