Friday, December 28, 2018

Introducing PNUR

From Prayer Network for Universal Revival – PNUR

Beloved friend/kingdom partner,

I love to use this medium to appreciate your friendship in 2018. Some may feel they have done nothing to deserve this message but I love to point out that merely reading my posts and messages on Social Media has helped me to feel fulfilled. There are those I never knew they were following me until they called or even visited me in Port Harcourt.
There are those that sent financial support and some advised on how to make my work for the Lord more effective.
It is in response to questions from some of you that I write thus.
a.     What is full meaning of PNUR? – Prayer Network for Universal Revival
b.     Who is the leader/founder? – My humble self, Emma N J Nwosu
c.      What is the focus of PNUR? – We are called to work in the Body of Christ in the area of prayer mobilizations and teachings that will result in spiritual awakening in the Body of Christ.
d.     How long has this ministry been on? – There are many whom the Lord has called with similar vision and when they stumble into our name they conclude we just started. We have been active since 1996
e.      Where is the headquarters of PNUR – Port Harcourt – Nigeria
f.       I need to know more about several books written by Emma N J Nwosu – Emma N J Nwosu the President of PNUR has written more than twenty books. Most of these books were published as hard copies and distributed around the world. We ran out of stock because we sold them and used the proceeds to sponsor our conferences and conventions. Scripture Union Press and Books (arm of SU Nigeria) published only two titles. As it is today, we are still trusting God for resources to replace the sold out hard copies
g.     What about the soft copies? – They are available for free download from our website
h.     Are there meetings/conferences your friends/partners can attend? – Yes. We host our friends and partners in Port Harcourt April and August of every year under International Prayer and Revival Convention (IPRC). We also move about from city to city anywhere in the world with International Prayer and Revival Conference (IPRC) under the partnership of our friends/partners
i.       How can one identify with PNUR? – Just write us. You can be a volunteer worker, you can send financial assistance or you can be a prayer partner. You can also anchor a conference for PNUR in your city
j.       Tell me more about School for Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare – It is a full fledged school that train pastors and church workers on deliverance and spiritual warfare. It was founded 2007 and has raised many servants of God ever since. There is the Basic cert. Program for 2 weeks. There is Diploma Program and Higher Diploma Program. We also have Deliverance week which a church body can organize for her members for one week. All these are subject to further discussion.
k.     Do you have distant learning arrangement? Yes.
l.       What area does PNUR need help immediately? Our Newsletter – Door of Hope needs to reach many more people around the globe. Hard copy of our books needs to return to circulation. Our conferences and conventions have suffered set back because of lack of funds. We also need to restore our crusades and conference equipment (Amplifiers, Musical/PA equip. Gospel truck/van etc)
m.  Can I visit you in Nigeria? You are welcome
n.     Can Emma N J Nwosu visit my station? Will be my pleasure if I have the funds
o.     Does PNUR partner other organizations? Yes
I am not sure I addressed all your concerns but you can visit our website for more information. You can also call me direct on this numbers +2348035724526
Thanks for standing with us
Emma your brother @PNUR