Monday, July 2, 2018

Don't Let Them Fool You

Patient dogs have never eaten the fattest bone anywhere in the world
“Slow and steady” has never won any race anywhere in the world
Don’t believe them when they say there is no competition in destiny; Jacob was destined to rule over Esau but go read your bible and you will see that he bowed down seven times before Esau
You were perhaps told that what you don’t know will not know you, meaning that evil only locate evil people. That is rubbish! Good people are dying every day for what they know nothing about
Did somebody tell you to be the best of yourself? The best of your self is ZERO. You are promoted over and above somebody
There is only one Secretary General of United Nations Organization – the world can’t have two
There is only one Secretary General of African Union – Africa can’t have two
There is only one President of your country – your country can’t have two
There is only one Governor of your State – Your State can’t have two
There is only one Chairman of the multinational company where you work – they can’t have two
Hear me; you are not created to be the best of yourself. You were created to be best over other people.
You are alive because you won a battle over more than six million sperms injected into your mother’s body. Those other sperms had equal capacity and opportunity to become humans but you won and so are alive today.
You will not get anywhere until you outdo somebody’s record and abilities
When people are promoted they take somebody’s place, even in the church.
Don’t believe them when they tell you that you have to beat only your record. If you will beat only your record you will be a LOCAL CHAMPION.
What they teach you is rooted in Karma which in itself is rooted in idolatry. It is a class-system ideology where people are taught to remain what their karma detects for them. So if your father is a gateman, you become the best of the son of a gateman. If your mother is a poor street trader, you become the best of the daughter of a street trader.
Shout, “God forbid!” three times.
This was probably what your father believed and so could not reach to the height ordinary determination could have gotten him. Perhaps your mother believed those trashes and could not push out of the chains of “Nobodyness”. So you inherited a life which is only a product of their own definition.
You may not be a champion today, but if you work hard, you can be one tomorrow
You may not be multimillionaire today but you have all it takes to be the richest man in the world
Life is battle, brother
Life is battle, sister
Life is battle, young man
Life is battle, my lady
The only mistake Cain made in the bible was that he wanted to erase the competition; he meant to take down the rival so that the world and God will have no choice but to manage him.
That is very bad; let your rival be there, but prove to him and the world that you are better. Don’t poison him, don’t try to kill her. Just put up a fight!
That is what it means to be CHAMPION
Get up from there and get busy with the battle of life
If you lose, you get lost
You just must win and don’t accept that it is over until you are declared the winner
Happy New Month
Emma your brother @PNUR

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