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Primary Reason for Marriage is not LOVE

The Primary Reason for marriage is not LOVE
Emphasis Gen. 2
 The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” Gen. 2:18
Like most other persons I used to believe that the primary reason for marriage is to have somebody I love and that I will enjoy the rest of my life with. But going through the account of the first instituted marriage, I discovered that LOVE was never mentioned when God was thinking of getting a wife for Adam. I don’t mean to say that Adam never loved Eve; I just mean to point out that LOVE was not the issue why God felt that Adam needed a wife.
In fact, the word wife was not used in the account in Genesis chapter 2, but rather HELPER. I feel then that we make a mistake when we set our main condition for a life partner as LOVE
God created the whole universal and the earth and all other animals; as is His habit He made things based on the use they will serve. Hence there is no useless thing in all creation. Man was not created to enjoy creation; he was created to oversee the works of God. His assignment was not concealed to him and they included watching over all other created things, taking care of the garden and naming the animals God had created.
It was after stating the job definition of man that God felt that this job will be too much for man. God did not make woman to give man sexual satisfaction and other forms of romance. The point I am making here is that women make mistake when they argue that the reason their husband go after other women is because of sex. I agree that sex is one of the things that happen in man and woman relationship, but sex is not the main reason for it. He is a foolish man who follows the direction of his genital erection and sorry to say, there are many men like that. I agree that women should satisfy sexual urge but if you set out looking for sexual satisfaction in marriage, you will never have a settled home.
I remember a son in the Lord of mine once asked my wife and I to pray and introduce a life partner for him. His reason for rejecting the girl we introduced is that she did not look sexy enough. He went ahead to get himself a sexy wife. Well, he is still enjoying sex and perhaps has learned the lesson I am pointing out here, by experience.
The reason for marriage is RESPONSIBILITY; the woman was to come in and help the man with his responsibility. If a woman is not fit to help a man with the responsibility to become what God has made him to be, then she is not a marriage material.
On the other hand, when a man asks a woman’s hand in marriage, she should not be concerned as to whether he is rich or poor. That will be turning attention to distraction. She should look out if this man has responsibility on him. Is this man a person on assignment? What is he living for? Not a question of if he has a job or not. Those can change but the permanent thing is his purpose for living.
Some women have followed men whom they feel are rich, within three years all the wealth was gone. Some have followed those who are influential but things changed, and the man loses his influence. Yet, there are those who followed “Nobodys” and these failures are champions today.
When a woman is going into a marriage she should understand that she is taking up a great task; the task of KING-MAKER and DESTINY helper. She should also understand that she cannot support what does not exist. If there is nothing in the man’s life to look up to as assignment, then pray that he discovers his assignment before accepting his hand in marriage.
LOVE is necessary in marriage but LOVE was the not why God instituted marriage. Marriage was instituted to enable Man fulfill his assignment.
Emma your brother @PNUR

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