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Book Review - Challenges Associated With Family Tree and How....

Paying your ancestors bills – Blood Guilt

What it means is that every drop of righteous blood ever spilled from the time earth began until now, from the blood of Abel to the blood of Zechariah, who was struck down between altar and sanctuary, is on your heads. Yes, it's on the bill of this generation and this generation will pay. Luke11:50-51 THE MESSAGE
The above scripture paints a vivid picture of what it means to inherit judgment from our ancestors. If this statement was made by less a person than Christ Himself, we may treat it lightly. The generation Jesus was addressing was to inherit blood guilt from more than two thousand years behind. And God was to make them pay for the innocent blood their ancestors shed.
In Africa we see this kind of thing in some families where their ancestors have been involved in ritual murder, human sacrifice, slave trade and other related evils. As we go through the family tree that this account represents, we begin to see people suffer for what they cannot explain.
What are the kind of things people under blood guilt suffer?
a. Missing lineage – Restless wanderer
b. Refugee situation
c. War and violence in their land
d. Poverty of a kind that force them to sell off their family asset
e. Rejection everywhere they try to associate with people
f. Failure at the point of breakthrough
g. Insanity
h. War within the family
This is to mention but a few. People under blood guilt are really in trouble. When people shed blood, it is an affront on the God of creation, and the blood so shed cries out to God’s court for vengeance. It is God that avenges blood and He only can forgive bloodshed.
The Lord said, "What have you done? Listen! Your brother's blood cries out to me from the ground. Now you are under a curse and driven from the ground, which opened its mouth to receive your brother's blood from your hand. When you work the ground, it will no longer yield its crops for you. You will be a restless wanderer on the earth." Gen 4:10-12 NIV
Take note of what this scripture says-
1. Blood does not die even after the person is dead. Abel was dead but his blood was still crying out to God for vengeance
2. No matter where the dead is covered and his blood buried, God can still hear the cry of blood
3. Blood demands vengeance at the highest court; God’s court
4. Bloodshed attracts curses
5. The curse for bloodshed will bring failure at every point of endeavor
6. God’s creation resists somebody under the curses of bloodshed and they don’t cooperate with him - When you work the ground, it will no longer yield its crops for you.
7. Those under judgement for bloodshed end up as fugitives or restless wanderers
8. God punishes the sin of bloodshed Himself
And for your lifeblood I will surely demand an accounting. I will demand an accounting from every animal. And from each man, too, I will demand an accounting for the life of his fellow man Gen 9:5 NIV
"'Do not pollute the land where you are. Bloodshed pollutes the land, and atonement cannot be made for the land on which blood has been shed, except by the blood of the one who shed it. Num 35:33 NIV

The sad thing in the case we are discussing is that according to Jesus Christ, the people that had shed the blood has died and long forgotten but their children, were being called to pay for the sins of their ancestors. The result is that we begin to see most of what is mentioned above as the consequences of the sin of bloodshed in the life of those who never shed blood all their life.

Excerpt from my book, Challenges Associated with Family Tree and How....

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Book Review - Challenges Associated With Family Tree and How...

Frequently Asked Questions in Relation to Family Liberation
1. How if I am the only believer in the family, how do I go about liberating the family?
The most you can do in that case is continue to pray that God will draw your people to see their need for deliverance. If you are the oldest member of the family or kindred, you can exercise a level of authority over the family. Your position authorizes you to represent them before God. So you can do something close to liberation while representing the family. It is the same condition when elders pour libation on behalf of the entire family. But it will be more wonderful that there is a gathering
2. Must all the members of the family gather for the liberation?
Not necessarily. Some who live very far away may not be able to come but we need their consent. The very important person is the head of the family. If it is a community liberation, each represented family should provide a representative. Yet, it is a great privilege if all members are able to gather. It is a sign of seriousness.
3. How about a situation where all the family members live in the city, can it be done in the city?
It is not even healthy when all family members live in the city and don’t visit their home town. In a case there is crisis in the village, something like war or communal crisis, it should be seen as an exception. But if the family have migrated to another place, then their present base should be seen as their home. It is right to mention at this point that it is stupid and ignorant for a family to desert their home town because of demons and witchcraft. That is more reason why you should go there. For as long as your root is under bondage, you are not free.
4. Some deliverance ministers ask people to go and bring sand from the village; how do you see that?
If that is what the Holy Spirit asked him to do, I don’t have quarrel about that. But I should think that land liberation is part of conquering of territories for Christ. When you liberate the land, you free the people living there to serve God. There may be altars in the home town to pull down and the land has to be addressed. There may also be one or two persons who may come to Christ if it is done in the village. I am sorry to say that my generation is a selfish one. People generally are concerned about their own wellbeing. So when you talk about what may profit others, they see it as strange and waste of time.
Nevertheless, if the reason you are packing sand is because you are unable to provide means of transport for the deliverance team and family members, I leave you with the Holy Spirit to guide.
5. As a married woman, should I be part of family liberation in my father’s house?
It is optional and you have to get your husband’s permission. When we build family tree in the School for Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare, women have often raised this question. There may be issues in your husband’s house which have to be resolved by joining in prayers there in your father’s house.
6. Apostle Paul condemned the discussion of genealogy; why worry about them?
So that you may command certain men not to teach false doctrines any longer nor to devote themselves to myths and endless genealogies. These promote controversies rather than God's work — which is by faith. The goal of this command is love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith 1 Tim 1:3-5 NIV
I don’t believe that the Apostle Paul was actually focused on the family tree here. I rather see it that he was discussing people who have gone overboard in proving how rightly they are connected to Jewish roots. Apostle Paul in several places mentioned his genealogical lineage.
7. How do you see going to pray at the grave of our ancestors?
Well, it depends on what you are looking for there. Your ancestors are no longer there, only dry bones. Let me warn that mystics parading as servants of God are bringing several occult practices in to the church system. Anybody asking you to go the grave or ask ancestors for any kind of help is Satanist
8. What relationship is there between immersion baptism and land liberation? I ask because you teach that the people seeking deliverance and liberation should be placed on solid spiritual grounds
You will have to read my book on baptism, captioned, “Doctrine on Baptisms”. I like to state here that it is useless trying to carry out deliverance on someone who refuses to be a Christian. The word Christian simply means someone following after Christ and we know that Christ submitted Himself to be baptized as a full grown mam. He said that those who believe in Him should be baptized. More than that, baptism is deliverance from our Adamic roots. Read the rest from the book
9. We have had land liberation but saw no difference; should we have another?
If you read this book properly, you can see that land or family liberation is a covenant breaking process. If it was done properly, there would be no need to do it again. In fact, there can be no place to repeat it. But if you observe it was not done properly you may go ahead and repeat it. Against that, you can have family or community prayer as often as you want. The date chosen for memorial festival for the family can still serve to remind God of your new covenant with him

Excerpt from my book, Challenges Associated With Family Tree and How..

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Twelve Things You Must Know about Demons (Evil spirits)

Twelve Things You Must Know about Demons (Evil spirits)

1. Demons will not leave you alone just because you live a holy life
2. Demons are on a definite assignment to make your life miserable, so there is really no good demon
3. The bible never asked us to pray about demons but to cast them out
4. Most demons will not leave you after a short prayer; you must be persistent and insistent for you to be delivered from demons
5. You don’t need great power or great anointing to cast them out. Your victory over demons is simply through the power and authority in the name of Jesus Christ. They would rather deceive you to believe in your fasting, prayer, holy life, holy water, holy soap, your pastor’s handkerchief and all what not.
6. When you are succeeding with destroying demon control, they will almost always play a game on your mind by telling you that you are wasting your time.
7. Fasting in its right place will help your spiritual muscle as you contend with evil spirits
8. The worst decision you can make with regards to satan and his agents is to say, “I am tired”
9. You are likely to need the assistant of another believer as you deal with demons in your personal life
10. You can cast out demons from anybody who willing opens himself to deliverance. Don’t waste your time on somebody who is still investigating your ministry because you will not succeed with him. Two must agree before you can walk together.
11. Once demons leave you, most diseases and depression will leave too because they are often caused by demons
12. It is God’s will that you be free from demonic oppression. Settle this in your heart as you seek deliverance through your personal prayers or from other children of God

Emma your brother @PNUR

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So Jesus Set Them Up

So Jesus Set Them Up

Matt 14:32

Anybody could claim religious but wait till pressure comes.

 Anybody can claim a good preacher and make wonderful posts online, but wait until trials come.

One would have thought that Peter and the rest of the Apostles would have known enough to call to God for their deliverance, but instead they resorted to the old fleshly methods they had used as fishermen. To worsen the matter, they still held to old superstitious beliefs which claimed that ghosts walk on water.

Oh my God, they even called their Pastor a ghost! What? Pastor Jesus who just led them in a miracle service few hours ago, a ghost!

They saw miracles, heard wonderful teachings from the Master, participated in ministering to others the grace of God, but deep down inside of them, nothing had changed.

Is it possible that it was for this reason Jesus set them up to experience that storm. Yes, it is possible, because if He had told them before then their true identity, they would have told Him that He was wrong. The storm brought them to see their real spiritual position. It did not come to kill them, but as a messenger of God, the storm set them up so that they can be delivered from things that otherwise could ruin their eternal destiny.

Yes, Peter walked on the water; he had faith but the faith he had lacked stamina. It was soon to dissipate. It was in this storm that Peter knew he was not yet ready to do the things he saw Jesus do.

Thank God for this storm.

Who knows whether Peter was already preparing his posters and billboards for the launching of his ministry? Presumptuously believing that he had enough to take off now. And then the storm……

So he cried, “Help Lord!”.

 Thank God the cry came earlier than those of most young preachers today who cry when they can no longer turn back. Some cry when the devil have them in the jugular and squeezing the last breath out of them. They may be delivered but an indelible damage had been done.
If you ask me, Jesus threw them into the refiner’s fire, yes, he released them into the crucible. Perhaps He observed how they shared that bread to the five thousand capacity crowd. He observed how they saw the other men as inferior, he observed their pride. He perhaps observed the way they avoided those with contagious diseases lest they contract them. Outsiders saw them as great servants of God, but Jesus knew their true state. (This reminds me the day a CSO insulted me at Camp of Faith, Okigwe. He told me he is in charge here).

So He set them up. Let my reader ponder now his real identity; if you judge yourself you won’t fall into God’s judgment.

Maybe you should pray with me, “Lord, thank you for the storm in my life. I know it has not come to kill me but to give me lasting deliverance”.

Emma your brother @PNUR

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Supplements to Faith

Supplements of Faith
And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge; And to knowledge temperance; and to temperance patience; and to patience godliness; And to godliness brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness charity. For if these things be in you, and abound, they make you that ye shall neither be barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. But he that lacketh these things is blind, and cannot see afar off, and hath forgotten that he was purged from his old sins. 2 Peter 1:5-9KJV
 In view of all this, make every effort to respond to God’s promises. Supplement your faith with a generous provision of moral excellence, and moral excellence with knowledge vers5 NLT
We have to borrow a term from NLT here; Supplements of Faith. NIV would rather say that we add to our faith – additives of faith. Even though they mean the same thing but we have a modern idea of food supplements that contain those nutrients that help us balance our diets. Without them, we can still eat our food, but there are chances we will not be healthy without the supplements. These spiritual supplements are like enhancement vitamins that help to make our faith stand the test of time. We ought not to see faith as an end in the sense we say, “Now I have faith; I am going to wait here for God to do His part”. The scripture suggests that even in a position of faith, there are efforts to make. You are not making those efforts so that your faith will grow but because you already have faith. Like we said somewhere that faith has to be proactively active to be considered living faith. Faith that stands aloof is a dead faith. So we are advised to add to our faith….
1.      Goodness or Virtue – New Living Translation calls it the pursuit for moral excellence. In our walk of faith, we should also make it our goal to pursue moral excellence. We should not be like those who use faith as a license to sin
2.      To Goodness, Knowledge. You have to be active in building up what you know through more studies on the word of God, attending seminars and teachings. You have to move further by reading books of other people who had walked in faith
3.      Self-control – This is often restricted to mean resisting the temptation to sin but there is another very important area. The temptation to waste time; the temptation to do nothing. Most of us are witnesses to the fact that our flesh wants to sleep while we should be awake, rest at home when we should be on the street, idle our time away when we should be writing a book. It is in such situation we should control our self by forcing our bodies to move forward and do something. We have to control our self by not allowing the day pass by without giving an account of what we did with it. A life without self-control is a life without direction, and a life without direction is a life without purpose. A directionless life is double minded and that one should not think he will receive anything from God
4.      Where other versions used patience, NIV said perseverance. Perseverance is moving forward in the face of adversity. You don’t have to celebrate limitations and use them as an excuse to be stagnant. It is ok you have faith, but like we said earlier, the faith has to be a fighting faith. You have to keep pushing because you have faith that God will meet you on the battlefield. In 1sam14, Saul had faith and declared a fast as he prepared to confront the enemy, Jonathan and his armor bearer had faith and attacked the enemy. Saul’s faith led to confusion but Jonathan’s faith led him to victory through God’s assistance. It is obvious which of the two that God approved
5.      Godliness is another term restricted in our understanding. It is not only avoidance of sin but doing things the way God does them. Jesus says that heaven is never idle; my father is always at work. God blesses good and bad. God succeeds and God is a God of advancement and prosperity. There is no grumbling and complaining in God. God has focus and follows it to a logical end. Godliness is doing it God’s way.
6.      Brotherly kindness – We have to accept the fact that some believers may make mistakes and even hurt our feelings. The brotherly kindness will enable us to forgive and move on. It will enable us not to take advantage of one another. It will enable us to work for the good of the whole Christian family. Make efforts to add it to faith so other people’s weakness will not terminate your spiritual life
7.      Love – When we do things without love for God and our fellow man, the Bible says we gain nothing.
Note, what this scripture says, there is no end to adding these virtues; we need them in ever increasing measure. We need to keep adding them. If we are active by always developing our faith by putting these bulwarks it will keep us from being barren or fruitless. Once, we stop adding, fruitlessness and death sets in. you see such believers living without purpose and start asking questions about issues that have been settled in the heavens.
The more you grow like this, the more productive and useful you will be in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. But those who fail to develop in this way are shortsighted or blind, forgetting that they have been cleansed from their old sins. 2Pet1:8-9 NLT

Excerpts from my new book, Four Dimensions of Faith

Emma your brother @PNUR

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A Case for Travel Ministry - Evangelist

A case for travel ministry - Evangelist

And after the reading of the law and the prophets the rulers of the synagogue sent unto them, saying, Ye men and brethren, if ye have any word of exhortation for the people, say on.  - Acts 13:15 KJV

The above scripture seem to support that even before the New Testament the Jews welcome travel ministers into their synagogues. It is not clear whether Paul and Barnabas had introduced themselves or that the synagogue ruler discerned who they were, but we cannot but marvel at the humility of the later in allowing a visitor share his pulpit.

I have benefited from this kind of gesture, having worked among Assemblies of God Churches. In those days you can just enter a church and the pastor will discover you are a gospel minister. He will readily call you to the altar. It will most likely turn out that you will have the opportunity to preach that Sunday. In a situation the church has other programs lined up; the pastor will allow you to say a word of prayer for the church.

Soon some miscreants began to take advantage of this privilege, supposing that godliness as a means of cheap material gain. (1Tim6:5) and who worship their appetite as god (Phlp3:19). This really created problem for the church, in that some who became pastors were there because they failed in every other area of life. Some who became evangelist came in because of the honorarium they expected to get.
Stories abound where travel evangelists took advantage of the magnanimous gesture of the host and duped the members of huge sums of money. There are also occasion where the pastor invited an evangelist and tried to use him to extort money from the flock. When the evangelist refused, he turned him out and lied against him in his absence, so that people hear all kinds of unconfirmed bad report about the evangelist.
One time a man who linked me to churches as I visited his country came to my hotel room and asked for his share of the money collected in the last program we had. When I told him how much our host gave to me despite the fact I paid my hotel bills and travel cost, he did not believe and forced some money out of me. He was later to discover it was the host that kept back the money collected. I don’t know how they settled.

There are also travel ministers who seem to specialize in working where others have worked. They get into a gathering and try to teach them what their pastors were not teaching them. These do not go out to unreached people and when they come they plant confusion among the believers. Apostle Paul struggled a lot with these kinds of people. The letter to Galatians and 2 Corinthians were focused to deal with the negative influence of these groups. All these contribute to the distrust pastors have for travel ministers. It is not ruled out that there are occasions the travel minister actually brought a fresh revelation that can help the church but the pastors are afraid that if the congregation learns that truth, then they will lose their means of livelihood. Most genuine travel ministers carry charismatic gifts and the responses of host ministers are at times not different to that of the Jewish leaders against Jesus Christ.
Then gathered the chief priests and the Pharisees a council, and said, What do we? for this man doeth many miracles. If we let him thus alone, all men will believe on him: and the Romans shall come and take away both our place and nation John 11:47-48 KJV

Away from the bad news, let’s consider our brothers who visit from Australia, Europe and America. Andy Lane told me that the impression he had about churches in Africa is that of very remote. That was when I took him to a seven thousand capacity church. Some travel ministers from the West come with the mind set of those who had visited in the nineteenth century. Most parts of Africa have passed that level. We love you and wish that you visit but that impression is wrong.

Travel Evangelism is Good

Travel evangelism is good both for the local church and the evangelist. When the local church hosts the right kind of minister, it brings freshness and revival. It is also an opportunity for the host pastor to rest and be preached to. The evangelist himself may be a pastor in his home. It is opportunity for him to talk to fresh set of audience. From the scripture we read, it is an age old practice in the church.

The Challenges

There are two principal challenges in this relationship. From the angle of the visiting minister, some evangelists behave as if the host pastor allowed him his pulpit because he had lost his “Anointing”. In some cases that may be the case but not always so. But even if he had lost his anointing, he was the one that gathered the people for the evangelist. It is wrong for the evangelist to talk him down. The evangelist should remember that after he has gone, the congregation will still remain under that pastor. If I have some word of knowledge that can hurt the pastor’s reputation I don’t share from the pulpit. I call him later and then pray for him. I agree with those who opine that you should have been a pastor before you can function well as an evangelist.   
Let me share this experience. The revered man of God Brother, Gbile Akani, visited Port Harcourt city to run a conference. So I decided to attend since I have never heard him life in spite of reading his books. In an interactive session he held just for ministers, I made to contribute something and he said something like this, “Hey, sit down there. Instead of remaining on the subject, you are saying something else. These are the kind of people who go about copying messages they will go and preach somewhere”.

He did not know me, I may not be as “BIG” as he but I know I am not in the league of those who go copying messages. That scene became a landmark in my ministry. I told myself, “Emma, you see, you may enter a city and another Emma is sitting in the congregation. So watch how you talk”.

Another thing the travel minister can do is to see the possibility of sharing pulpit with some ministers that may have different gifts in the land. This is for those who operate like PNUR and trying to break new grounds. This goes specifically for our brothers from the West. Most times the people gathered with mind picture of Renhard Bonnke and Benny Hinn. When they come and all you have WORDS, though they don’t tell you but they are not impressed. We call it Grammar preaching and Grammar does not go down well with us in Africa. It is true some of our brothers are following that example but go see the kind of congregation they have. So bringing in ministers with power gifts will help your meetings and keep it from being boring. The spiritual realm over us is very hostile, so we need to cleanse it all the time through power gifts.
For the host minister, it is needful to point out that you note that your guest has problems and perhaps borrowed to come to you. I have been to churches where after ministering for days, my host will tell me he will see me later. In some cases I never hear anything from him after. Some of them who sent something later, sent what is not worthwhile, even though I raised a large sum of money in that meeting. There was even one case where I had no money to pay the taxi that carried me. To God’s glory, the driver asked me not to pay because he was blessed in the meeting. What would I have done if he had asked for his money?

Something happened in my city few years ago. An evangelist and his host were quarreling over the money raised in a program. The guest minister had told his PA to flee with the large sum. When confronted, the evangelist said that the pastor invited him every year for that special program. It was a five days program, at the end of which people gave to support the church and for the evangelist’s up keep. For the past five years, the pastor gave him only ten thousand Naira which could barely pay his transport. The people did not know what happened after. So on this particular year, he prepared to teach his host a lesson. He came in with a PA with a clear instruction. So immediately they took the money into the pastor’s office, his PA went off with the whole money. When asked like how much the total sum could be, they said, more than seven hundred thousand Naira.

In some cases, the people give more when there is a guest minister, the guest minister should be kind enough to share with the host. In some cases, I let the host have a larger portion. That is if I discovered he needed the help more than I do.
It is observed that because of these discrepancies some pastors block their congregation from visiting ministers. The result is that people who had needs he had no gifts to address suffer in the church. Soon they begin to wander from place to place seeking help. Most often than not, they fall into wrong hands.
Let us cooperate to help the flock under our care.

Emma your brother @PNUR

Emma N J Nwosu is the international President of Prayer Network for Universal Revival PNUR

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God and Church people - The contrasting views

Because thou sayest, I am rich, and am grown rich, and have need of nothing, and knowest not that thou art the wretched and the miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked; I counsel thee to buy of me gold purified by fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white garments, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness may not be made manifest; and eye-salve to anoint thine eyes, that thou mayest see Rev 3:17-18

I beg my good friends to forgive my outburst but it is becoming dangerous what the church of our day has become. The scripture here simply capture the state of churches in Nigeria, which is the model for churches in most part of Africa.
How do we rate churches today?
Fine building and church auditorium – Have you noticed like I have that when a pastor want to tell the public how God moved in his last program, he posts a picture where he is handling a microphone while standing behind an expensive pulpit. Are these the standard the Apostles left for us as evidence of the presence of God?
Have you heard that big churches have it as a policy that they don’t accept poor people as pastors? So who do they accept? Busy medical doctors will work in their clinics from early morning till late evening and still be the head pastor over a young man who has spent most time of the day in prayer. If you ask for anything, the available pastor will have to get answer from the unavailable senior pastor. Some of these senior pastors work at the rig with oil servicing companies; they work two weeks in the rig and then two weeks in the church. Yet, they are senior pastors. Any surprise then why our church auditorium are like cemeteries on week days. I asked after a pastor in his church; the young man told me, “To day is our prayer meeting by 5pm”. I asked, “Should I then wait to see him”, and he replied, “No! he may not even be there by 7pm”. We then leave the auditorium to whomever.
Have you noticed that most churches have it as a policy that only graduates are accepted as ministers in their churches? Jesus took ignorant men and trained them in Kingdom principles; today’s churches take men the world have trained and make them leaders. We run upside down to the bible principles. I now wonder why Jesus Christ took illiterate fishermen and ignored Pharisees, teachers of the law and Sadducees of His time. I bet, we are teaching Jesus how to run His church. The argument here is that the poor pastors steal church money. What a shame. Is it right that the rich businessmen, doctors, lawyers etc should bring in their money to support those that God has called in to full time ministry?
I would not have bothered myself if churches I hold in great regard are not part of this. There are churches with long term legacies and today, their leaders are ignoring the principles of the fathers.
Talk of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Deeperlife Bible Church, Assemblies of God and many more.
Let me make it clear to Dr. Chidi Okoroafor of AG that a lot of men he has in his gang are thieves. Some years back he ministered in conference PNUR funded in 91 Nelson Mandela, Calabar but the then Assistant District Superintendent deceived him that the church sponsored that program. The ADS, now a DS of a district took my wife and I into a room and tried to brain wash us to pollute our ministry so we can have money. When we refused he took steps which I can’t mention here to make us pay for our “Stubbornness”. In fact, we laterally ate poison in that meeting. Only God saved my wife and I. The name of that minister is Rev. Dr. Christian Kalu. He is among those that are supporting Chidi Okoroafor. Will Chidi Okoroafor say he does not know that God called him as a nondenominational intercessor? He is repreaching all the messages he preached long ago just because of church politics.
When will Lazurus Muoka of the Lord’s Chosen obey the bible he preaches and stop hunting his former father in the Lord for whatever reason? Does the righteousness he preaches not include respect for elders and unity of the Body of Christ?
I was once in Deeperlife Church Group forum in Port Harcourt, specifically Rumudara, I watched in bewilderment how they honored so called Bishops, some of them women who have walked out of their marriages, in the meetings. These were things they had warned us to avoid. When did God change His standards? Why did they not tell us God has changed His standards? I saw pastors who had left the world and her system asked to give way to these “Abomination in the holy places” as they were given seat in the front row. All these are in the name of winning them over. How many have they won over since then? Those men and women walked in few minutes into Pastor Kumuyi’s message and left soon after they have received special recognition and gifts.
Red eyed policemen who do have regard for God and His children are employed to protect Christian leaders and church property. How come we have lost our focus so? So much that we value church properties more than human souls. We no longer care how we hurt enquirers.
Is this what you want to leave behind for us?
Let me ask Pastor E A Adeboye of RCCG, Pastor Kumuyi of Deeper Life, Mike Okonkwo, Rev. Dr. Chidi Okoroafor and the rest of the fathers who I respect; Is this the kind of church you inherited from those that ministered before you? Yes, this message is not for the counterfeit ministers and churches. It is not for the thieves parading as prophets. It is for those who have tested the truth.
Is this the kind of church you want to leave behind for us?
You brag about the many branches you have planted almost in every country, expensive music system, large followership, international cable network and many more. All these are very good but I want to know if this is the kind of church you inherited from those that ministered to you
Let me warn us that what you call prosperity may not have value before God.
Emma your brother @PNUR
Note – This script is deliberately written to attract attention of those mentioned. Someone may say it put the Church in bad light, understand also that the world and the devil is already making mockery of us

Please, share this till it gets to those mentioned here

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