Monday, October 17, 2016

book review

Does the end justify the means?

Abraham’s journey to Egypt brought some level of increase in material blessings and what more; Pharaoh did not touch his wife. God came in his defense and he made gains from his game. Does it imply that God was okay with what he did? When God receives a man and starts something with him, it is no longer about right and wrong. All things are centered on what God is doing with the man. God has called Abraham and has commenced a journey with him; God’s concentration is what He is doing with Abraham. It may appear He does not care if Abraham is not keeping to the rules. But wait until Abraham’s wife introduces Hagai the Egyptian to him. Wait till issues that were not there begin to arise because of the presence of the import from Egypt. Then wait till Ishmael becomes a sworn enemy of Isaac. Up till date Abraham’s seed is still suffering as a result of that short stay in Egypt.
My advice remains that you remain focused and don’t step out of the location of the promise. The end does not always justify the means.

A pastor’s wife went to a marine spirit priestess in search of the fruit of the womb. She got one who is terrorizing her and her husband. The priestess is still calling her to come and bring the thanksgiving sacrifice for the curse of a child she aided her to have. The last time I saw her, she has not had another child, and her husband who never knew where she got her child is fed up with her. Many negative things are happening so fast in the family. But she does not know how to open up.

Excerpt from my new book, "While You Wait for the Promise?

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