Saturday, April 30, 2016

PNUR International Prayer and Revival Convention 2016

Newsletter on-
PNUR International Prayer and Revival Convention (IPRC) 2016

22-27 August, 2016

Daffodil Hotels Elimgbu, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Calvary greetings to all PNUR Kingdom partners.

I wish to say a very big “Thanks” to all of you for standing by me and all the other laborers under this banner. I regret my inability to write this letter before. Some of our senior partners have made this request several times but I was not convinced in my spirit that the Lord was leading me to write then. I had to bow before Him in many days of prayer, most importantly to find out what HE is saying to us. Several issues have been pending and some difficult decisions have to be made.

I know that you all can understand why I have to wait so. PNUR is now twenty years in active service. There are mistakes we made while we were younger which God could understand our immaturity and overlooked. But no man at the age of twenty will be pardoned for behaving like a one year old. Again I understand that all of you are expecting that things should get better as we mature.
It is for these reasons I make this official statements-
PNUR Annual Convention in Port Harcourt. I know it is no longer news to most of you that we relocated our venue from Pentecostal Deliverance Church at Stadium Road to Daffodil Hotels in Elimgbu, Port Harcourt. Many partners had expressed their dissatisfaction with our using a venue where we pay so much instead of the generous offer from our ever faithful member and partner, Rev. Udosen Aniefiok. Some of you even suggested that we use the PNUR office center, Door of Hope Christian Center no matter how ill-equipped it is.

Let me point out what I have always stated; PNUR as a ministry has a divine vision which I suggest that you look-up on our website We cannot take steps that could undermine the vision that God gave to us. By this I mean that if we move the convention to our center, most congregational leaders will fear for their members, hence we may not get their cooperation. Again, the hall in Door of Hope Christian Center cannot take more than hundred persons. Putting canopies outside as some have opined will put us under pressure because the month of August is rainy season in Nigeria. Let me add also that we do not have enough conveniences for the delegates. Needless to say that few people who promised that when we gather by 2015 we will assess the situation on ground even turned up for the convention or called after to find out how things went.

Still on this matter, I know partners who were there in 2013 and 2014 saw the stress my wife and I went through in host partners and delegates from outside Rivers State. Because of traffic gridlock in Port Harcourt we often came late to meetings because the venue is far from where I live. Rev. Aniefiok understands this and has been working with us in this regard.

2.       Financial Assistance- This is a major issue also. Our Elder brother and kingdom partner, Engr. Yomi Oladeji have advised me more than once to make public our budget so that members will know what is at stake. This I have decided to do, but my major challenge is that I have never been comforted publishing financial appeal on social media.

Let me use this medium to once again appreciate those of you who sent us money for IPRC 2015. Most of them won’t like to have their names published but I thank all of you. It is needful to point out that some of the supports came rather late. Some came two days to the program, while yet many came when we were two days into the program. That made planning very difficult. It will be wonderful if we can receive your support at least two weeks before the program.

3.       Delegates from outside- Let me apologize to all of you who came from outside Port Harcourt in 2015. We regret our inability to give a very comfortable lodging we would have loved to. We are trusting God that this year will be far better

4.       Budget- The main challenges we have now are payment for the venue which have to be booked ahead of time.  The next is the printing of the fliers and Newsletters. Let me also appreciate those who have been asking about our Newsletter.

Hall- one hundred and twenty thousand Naira (N120,000) daily and totals to seven hundred and twenty thousand Naira (N720,000) the six days. The fliers, flex banners and bill boards costs are flexible but we peg them at three hundred thousand Naira (N300,000). Feeding and hosting the delegates is also flexible. We may also peg it at three hundred thousand Naira (N300,000). Plus and minus we need two million Naira (N2, 000,000) to host IPRC 2016 in Port Harcourt- Nigeria

Those outside Nigeria should be do their conversion.

5.       Foreign Delegates- Those coming from outside Nigeria should give early information to help logistics. In fact, not only those from outside Nigeria but everybody coming from outside Port Harcourt

I wish thank all of you for being such a great encourage to what God is doing through PNUR


Emma N J Nwosu

Pls Note- Call me before you make any financial contribution +2348035724526