Monday, May 16, 2011

Hurray to all partners.

The Lord has given us the breakthrough we all had prayed for in Ogbomosho.

For those of you in other countries besides Nigeria, don't worry how you pronounced it. You cannot be wrong; the city is in Western part of Nigeria, close to another mouth cracking name, Oshogbo. Try as you may,you cannot be wrong the way you pronounced it. It is  part of Oyo State of Nigeria, with its capital as Ibadan.

I know you have less problem with the last name.
If you wish to join us in another International Prayer and Revival Conference in my father land, we will be glad to have you.

I can assure you that the brethren there are expecting you. Pastor A.O. Igeh, is a provincial head of The Redeemed Christian Church of God(RCCG), at Ogbomosho. This wonderful brother got in touch with the leadership of Pentecostal Fellowship in Nigeria(PFN) Ogbomosho chapter, and the Lord opened their heart to receive us. I know you remember Pastor Paul Ofomi in Yola, Adamawa State, and of course the PFN chairman there.

Another wonderful news is that brother Joshua Ukeh is leading the Adamawa Prayer squad to join us there. For those of you who do not know Nigeria, it is like somebody in accra Ghana, travelling for a program in Bennin Republic. I appreciate their, zeal please remember them in your prayers.
I didn't forget to mention the date; 19-23 July, 2011

Please, those wishing to travel to join us there should notify us before mid June, so that we can make propare arragement for "You know what I mean".

School of Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare is taking off 1st of June, 2011. We are tired of having to tell people to register before the first day of school. We don't have dormitories, so we will not be able to receive students living outside Port Harcourt, except they have somewhere to stay.

we need plenty of money, and you know we do; but the greatest need now is PRAYERS. So, please --please, again, pray for this program.

Those of you in Accra, I was made to understand that Brother Ebenezer travelled to U.K. but, no doubt we shall be in Ghana come August.

Thanks to you all.

You know I love you all


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